Hello! My name is Arnesa Buljusmic-Kustura, and yes that's as complicated to pronounce as it looks.  If you've made it to this page you're probably interested in getting to know me a little more. It's likely that my twitter account brought you here or maybe an essay I've written. Either way, welcome! 

I’m a freelance writer, activist, analyst and author of Letters from Diaspora (which you can check out at the link above). I’ve been lucky enough to have been published and featured by numerous, major publications ranging from ABC and The Independent to BBC, Al Jazeera and Huff Post. I’ve also made appearances on local ABC and NBC affiliates, Roske on Politics, Buzzfeed’s See Something Say Something podcast as well as the fun, leftist podcast Delete Your Account.

When I’m not writing or ranting somewhere online; I’m giving lectures in person. I’ve had the privilege to speak to high school and college students at numerous schools on the subjects of Bosnian genocide, war, immigration, refugees, feminism and Islamophobia; as well as participated on panels, spoke at marches, conferences, and genocide commemorations.


In 2014, I founded the Bosniak American Association of Iowa and served as its Executive Director until 2016. During this period I organized events related to Bosnian culture, genocide commemorations, and other community events as well as initiated the resolution that marks April as Bosnian Heritage Month in the state of Iowa and assisted with the signing of the Srebrenica Genocide Resolution in July 2015.

Before all of that I spent most of my time working with survivors of domestic violence and emotional abuse and those with PSTD, as my educational background is in the field of Psychology and Sociology.

These days, however, I'm focused on grassroots social activism, writing, and planning my next few books; which will all be fiction novels and all happen to have changed their plot several times. 

Anyway, that’s enough about me, I think. If I share any more it'll just get weird for the both of us. Feel free to snoop around and check out my articles, features, social media, and book.  If you'd like to get in touch or wish to book me for your next event or hire me to write for you; hit that contact button.

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