I am a writer, analyst, organizer, author of “Letters from Diaspora”, and an occasionally lapsed and [other times] aspiring academic. My educational career began with a focus on Psychology and advanced due to my interest in the process of post-conflict mental health recovery. I eventually shifted my focus to Sociology and Statistics, completing a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology, Statistics, and Sociology with a Concentration on Genocide Studies. I continued my research on post-conflict analysis of PTSD, notably in survivors of war rape and genocide at Simpson while studying for my MSc in Sociology.

My focus of interest is on genocide studies especially related to the Bosnian Genocide, Yugoslavia and its disintegration, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder as it relates to genocide, war, domestic and interpersonal abuse, as well as feminism, socialism, Islamophobia, anti-refugee and anti-immigration sentiments and the Balkans at large, particularly how it all ties into one another. My academic research and fields of interest are especially focused on a sociological approach and theorization on conflict and genocide.

 I’ve been lucky enough to have been able to get my voice and perspectives published and featured by numerous popular publications ranging from ABC and The Independent to BBC, Al Jazeera and Huff Post as well as to make appearances on ABC, NBC affiliates and Bosnian Television regarding most of these topics.

In terms of professional experience, while putting myself through school, I interned and worked with victims of domestic and sexual abuse, PTSD, as well as refugees as part of the Counseling Program. In 2014 I founded the Bosniak American Association of Iowa and served as its Executive Director until 2016. During this period, I organized events related to Bosnian culture, genocide commemorations, and other community based events as well as initiated the resolution that marks April as Bosnian Heritage Month and assisted with the implementation of the Srebrenica Genocide Resolution in July of 2015. Due to my interest in data and statistics, I utilized my educational background to establish a career in both the non-profit and private sectors as a Data Scientist and a Consultant.

When I’m not writing or ranting somewhere online; I’m giving lectures in person. I’ve had the privilege of speaking to high school and college students at numerous schools, as well as non-profit and community organizations on the subjects of Bosnian genocide, war, immigration, refugees, feminism and Islamophobia; as well as participated on panels, spoke at marches, conferences, and genocide commemorations. Some of it related to my academic knowledge and other to my personal experience as a war and genocide survivor and a refugee. I’m always open and happy to come and talk to your school or organization regarding any of these topics or something else you may have seen me speak about, feel free to reach out via the following link http://www.arnesab.com/contact or directly at my e-mail: arnesab@outlook.com

The difference in my educational and professional careers and interests has definitely cumulated in an eclectic resume, but I consider myself a life-long learner and don’t see my yearning for knowledge stopping anytime soon.

These days, however, I am focused less on non-profit work and consulting and more on my creative and academic writing, attempting to return to complete and advance in my post-graduate work and research after my cancer bout, as well as helping marginalized communities in any way I am able to. You can view a selection of my prior writing and work on my media and appearances page and if interested you can read about and purchase my book of short stories on arnesab.com/letters.

For more current of my commentary and work, you can view my work and writing, as well as help support it on patreon.com/arnesab and as always follow me on Twitter for both the personal and the educational commentary.

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